Republican Relationship: God, Guns and Gays?

These are morals?

Politics makes for strange bed-fellows and, like it or not, we all have a tenuous relationship with politics at some point in our lives, most especially now. We are in the midst of a campaign year where our votes will determine who will be our president for the next four years of our lives. That's heavy stuff if you think about it; four years of your life under one person who has the capacity to begin and end wars and whose ideas and actions can seriously impact your world.  

In analyzing the Republican presidential debates the news media tells us that there are some Republican front-runners who hope to win on the “morals ticket.” “God, Guns, and Gays,” say our nightly news anchors, "seem to be the issues that decide the presidential candidate of their party."  In other words we're looking at someone who is a God-fearing, right-to-bear-arms man who is against same-sex unions and women's personal rights. This person will win the morals ticket.

That scares the hell out of me.

The number of young Americans who died in a nonsense war, the bad national economy, the fact that we are in an unbelievable deficit, the hideous legal aspect that women might lose the right to their own bodies, that guns can be purchased at will, does not factor into the voting brain of those who cast their vote for a God-fearing Christian male. Is anyone besides me having trouble comprehending this? Why does religion have to dominate the political arena? What happened to separation of church and state?

Are we to believe that the majority of the people in this country are more concerned with whether or not everyone believes in God than in the deplorable state of our union? Do people really believe that allowing two Gay people to marry is putting our country at risk, and if so, what risk? Do the same Americans who feel it is okay for the law to allow people to buy assault weapons to protect our “right to bear arms” really want the Supreme Court to ban the marriage of two people who love and cherish each other, but happen to be Gay?  You can kill with a gun but you can’t love someone of the same sex? These are morals?

And what about the incredibly horrible law passed in Virginia just last week that makes it mandatory for any woman contemplating an abortion to be forced to have a trans-vaginal procedure, in which a probe is inserted into the vagina, and moved around until an ultrasound image is produced. This law makes it perfectly legal for any woman to be forcibly penetrated for no medical reason. Under any other circumstances this act would certainly constitute rape with a foreign object! Yet it has been praised by the "moral" God-fearing men who wish to be president. God help us all!

Morals or the alleged lack thereof never, for one minute enter my mind  when I go to cast my vote. I am too concerned with the seriousness of the issues being presented. The far-from-over war, (yes, officially we're bringing the troops back but our commitment is far from over), our national security, the possibility of Supreme Court rulings that could send women's rights back a hundred years, lack of money for education, (as well as the torment of good teachers in a system willing to blame all of society's problems on them), and the depletion of the environment. But so-called morals? My friends and I never give it a thought.

I consider myself moral and by moral I mean I would never deliberately hurt anyone. I honor my marriage vows, I'm kind to children, I support charities, and I don’t own a gun. I don’t condemn lifestyles different from mine as immoral; different yes, but certainly not immoral.

Then there’s the question of being “God-fearing.” Some people want to push their beliefs on us all as in “you must be a God-fearing person.” I don’t want to believe in a stern- visaged God whom I have to fear. I want to believe in a loving Deity of kindness and compassion and acceptance. No thunderbolts, hail and brimstone for me, no sir; I need a God who is all about love and with whom I can feel comfortable when, and if, I pray.

I just can’t believe that so many Americans discount the serious issues we face and are willing to base their vote on “God, Guns, and Gays.” Personally, I think God’s getting a good laugh out of this.

Four years will come and go as they always have. Changes will be made and we Americans will learn to live with them as we always have before. No one knows what the four years will bring. Maybe the next four years will offer pleasant surprises for us all. I hope so.

It’s a funny thing about morals. As far back as recorded history goes there was talk of morals. In the time of Julius Caesar, Cicero wrote these words on the steps of the Senate where a heated debate on morals had taken place:

“Those who claim morality and wish to impose their morals on others are themselves the most immoral of all.”


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  • erikdolnack

    Wed, 22.02.12 at 08:41AM

    “I just can’t believe that so many Americans discount the serious issues we face and are willing to base their vote on ‘God, Guns, and Gays.’”

    Believe it, Kristen.

    My dad used to have a saying. He used to always tell me, “The masses are morons.” I never really understood what he meant until I became an adult. Now, after two George W Bush wins, I get it.

    The problem with democracy is that we put power into the hands of the people, without first empowering the people. The super-rich have learned that an idiot populace is as easy to control as a feudal peasant society.

    American voters are perhaps the stupidest body of people ever in the history of the human race. American voters don’t vote along self-interests. Rather, they have been programmed to vote based on what they identify with. American voters vote based on identity vs. self interest. “I’m a believing Christian, and Christians are supposed to be against murder, so I’ll vote as a Christian should and vote against those baby-killing liberals!”. Rather than, “I’m a lower middle-class factory worker who’s job just went overseas to an Indian firm and I want a stronger job base with better benefits for people like me!”.

    America is a land of idiots. Perhaps the stupidest culture ever produced by the human race. I have NO faith left in this country and if given a chance to emigrate to England, France or Canada, I’d jump ship at the earliest availability.

  • KristenHoughton

    Wed, 22.02.12 at 09:25AM

    Ah Eric, thank you for this insightful comment! I have a hard time with the “issues” that many Americans are willing to accept as important; God, guns, and gays. And I totally detest the fact that “being Christian” should have anything to do with being a good leader! Some of the greatest leaders, male as well as female, weren’t exactly Christian and if they said they were it was solely politic.
    This country is in a sad state if we allow certain people to take us back to a patriarchal society built on the horror of the Roamn Catholic Church and its cruel Inquistion. Are you reading this Mitt, Newt, and Rick?

  • erikdolnack

    Wed, 22.02.12 at 07:03PM

    “This country is in a sad state if we allow certain people to take us back to a patriarchal society built on the horror of the Roamn Catholic Church and its cruel Inquistion.”

    - This country is in a sad state today. Unfortunately. Because at least half of us DO want to turn back the clock to the Feudal era.

  • KristenHoughton

    Wed, 22.02.12 at 07:40PM

    Eric, my friend Mireille in France keeps telling me to come live there!

    Seriously,you are right on with your comment about so many wanting to return to the feudal era and, I would assume, witch hunts of any who don’t believe as they do.

    (Sorry about the misspelled word “Roman”; just shows you how ticked I am over the sad situation of mixing politics and religion.)

  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Thu, 23.02.12 at 12:01PM

    Political thought (I use that term loosely) has completely overtaken the popular consciousness. Just about everything discussed today causes people to take a political stand or at the least make some completely unrelated political comment. We have a fever over political discourse nowadays. About the only safe discussion to have with strangers is the weather and even then people bring up Global Warming which of course is a political issue.

    Government and the political process is just one facet of the endlessly complex human experience. So many other philosophies about life exist and are overlooked. Politics has begun to be the common parlance of interaction, giving people a false sense of importance by quoting the latest tribal sound-bites of their chosen party.

    Challenge yourself to discuss a piece of artwork you saw, or an article on a discovery in science you read, or movie you loved or a foreign culture you experienced WITHOUT making the discussion political.

  • erikdolnack

    Fri, 24.02.12 at 07:28PM

    @Sheisclothedinspace -
    Except that this article is a political article about politics.

    You’re complaining that people always talk politics today on a political thread. Do you not see how stupid and inappropriate your post is? Politics is relevant when the topic is politics, and I take offense at you insinuation that those of us posting here are just spouting sound-bytes we heard somewhere. It’s idiots like you who want to live in a “Happiness Bubble” that the reactionary-Right keep dominating the political forum in our society today. If you don’t have the balls to fight these fuckers, then get the hell out of the way and let those of us who still value democracy save your ass!

  • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Fri, 24.02.12 at 08:59PM

    @erikdolnack- If you want to continue posting comments, clean them up. We don’t need to degrade one another or use profanity to get our points across.

  • erikdolnack

    Sat, 25.02.12 at 12:03PM

    I don’t know how to delete my comments. It won’t let me. How do I delete comments?

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