Reinvent Your Sexual Self…

...One Naughty Thought at a Time

Climbing into bed with your lover after a long day at work sounds like a wonderful plan. If you are both feeling the energy, the kissing begins, the touching, the soft giggles and whispers.Your lover’s one hand on your waist, the other cupping your breast. You anticipate their next move, knowing that he or she is going to start removing your straps from your shoulders, then unhook your bra, you will kiss their neck and....wait, is this the same story that happened the other night? Twenty minutes later you will be reading your new favorite book and your bed buddy will be watching late night television. Yawn. Sounds like your sexual self needs a makeover.

We all get into sex routines, sex ruts and even droughts, sometimes. But, when you can map out the plan for the bedroom romp you are about to undertake, maybe it is time to change it up a bit. Change always starts with you, so if you want to entice your partner on taking a trip to the wild side, you are going to have to initiate that first step. Here are some fun ideas to jazz up your routine and create new and exciting energy between the two of you!

Location, location, location

Instead of making your way into the bedroom for your designated ‘sexy time’, why not entice them while you are in the kitchen cooking dinner together? Sure, the casserole may end up burnt, but who cares? You can always order in!  So, move all of those papers off the kitchen table and climb up on it! The living room floor is always a nice option if you are feeling frisky and just can’t wait another minute, the bathroom shower is a good choice (who doesn’t look good hot and wet?), and never underestimate a quickie in your car in the parking lot of the restaurant you two crazy kids just closed. By changing up the location of your lovemaking, you put each other in a different frame of mind, making it more exciting, a little more dangerous and something to remember!

Toys, Gadgets and Gizmos

Never underestimate the joy some AA batteries can bring into your life! From vibrators and dildos to paddles and handcuffs, for goodness sake, have some fun with your sex life! Many couples benefit from trying new and fun things out in the bedroom. Want to incorporate a little romance? Buy a sexy silk blindfold and a feather tickler. Tie each other up with either scarves, ropes or handcuffs and blindfold each other, running the feathers all over your lover’s body. The sensation will create anticipation, delight and excitement! Sex is meant to be silly, to be fun, to be savored. So, go on, treat yourselves to something naughty!

Watch a Sexy Movie

Porn can be awesome. Seriously, sometimes watching another couple engage on the small screen can seem incredibly voyeuristic and can be a major turn on. Even if your partner isn’t all that into porn, just leaving it on in the background can enhance the experience just by listening to other people enjoying sex. There is nothing wrong or dirty about watching a porn, and who knows? It may give you some new ideas or new tricks to try out! Don’t worry, there is a movie out there for everyone, and ladies, there are specific companies right now that are produced and directed by women for women, so you can find porn that doesn’t make you feel objectified or demeaned. (Although for some, that’s part of the fun!)

Read a Salacious Book Together

If you want to try something a little different, why not read your lover an excerpt from a naughty book? The imagination can be a powerful tool of seduction, so entice your lover to touch and caress themselves (or you!) while you read to them your favorite passage from a book like this. The romance, raw sexuality and kinky situations that the characters experience may get you in the mood for a new experience of your own! Enjoy!

Lingerie, Costumes, Accessories

Whether you buy your lingerie at La Perla or La Target, it has little to do with the price tag, and everything to do with the fit. Go for simple patterns or rich deep colors like chocolate brown, navy blue, deep plum or the always sexy black. Pick styles that flatter your figure, cuts that you feel comfortable in, and colors that flatter your skin tone. Almost anyone can wear any of the colors listed above, so let yourself go and enjoy your curves. If you know your partner has a fantasy that would be fun to play out, pick up a costume for yourself and for them. Accessorize with a hot pair of boots or sexy stilettos if that’s your thing! Remember, this is not supposed to be practical, this is not supposed to be worn in public, this is something special to do for each other, so indulging in a little fantasy is only going to heighten your sexual experience and bring you closer!

A New Attitude

It’s easy to say “That’s gross, I would never try that.” or “Oh my gosh, I would be too nervous or embarrassed to try that in bed!” Guess what? You can wear all the kinky garb you want, but if you are stuck in a specific head space about what you deem “dirty” or “embarrassing”, you may be missing out on a lot of fun! As long as you are both two consenting adults enjoying yourselves in the privacy of your own home, why not take some sexy risks and try something outside of your comfort zone? Seduction starts in the mind, so by pushing those mental boundaries little by little, you may come to find that you enjoy certain activities that you would have turned your nose up to before! Just remember, have fun and have a “safe” word for when things really get wild!

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