twodaymag’s Favorite Erotic Artists (You’re Welcome)

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like some fabulous, erotic art!

We can talk about sex, baby, but erotic artists go all the way when they use paint, clay, canvas, and many other mediums to express how they feel about going all the way. Erotic art is that special unique art form that makes esoteric critics pace around chic galleries and comment on daring images that push the envelope. Erotic artists have had a pivotal place in art history, and erotic art continues to be a popular genre today.

Erotic art has had a lengthy and colorful history, from early European erotica to erotic art during the Renaissance to modern erotic art. Although having endured its share of scandal and criticism, this genre continues to gain more appreciation and acceptance as time goes on, as was clearly evident when we visited Art Basel Miami, and found no shortage of nude and sexual subjects in the displayed work.

Here are some of our favorite erotic artists.

Gustav Klimt:

An Austrian artist born in Vienna, best known for his paintings, like Adele Bloch-Bauer I, has had his work replicated on everything from jewelry boxes to furniture to handbags. He was one of the founding members of the Vienna Secession, a group who protested restrictive attitudes toward art. Gustav felt strongly about erotic art’s place in the art world. “All art is erotic,” he said.

Robert Maplethorpe:

Robert was an American photographer born in Queens, New York. He was known for his black and white photos of nude men and flowers. The homoerotic nature of his work caused much controversy. In fact, in 1998, police confiscated a book including Robert’s photos from a University of Central England student who was writing a paper on Robert’s work.

Although Robert lived with partner Patti Smith for 7 years, he later realized he was gay, but the two remained close friends.  twodaymag checked out some of Robert’s work at this year’s Art Basel in Miami, and loved this edgy work titles Lisa Lyon.

Marina Abramovic:

Marina is a Serbian performance artist who was born in Belgrade. Despite her strict upbringing, where she says her mother “took complete military style control” of her and her brother, Marina managed to produce elaborate performances where she would cut, whip, and burn herself – all before 10pm. Check out her Balkan Erotic Epic: Banging the Skull. This lady is a rockstar!


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Photo credits:

1. Danae

2. Lisa Lyon (me)

3. Banging the Skull

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