You’ve Heard of the G-spot…But What About the G-Shot?

So, I was reading up on the G-spot today, my favorite topic, when I came across this new procedure in where a doctor takes a 3 1/2 inch needle filled with collagen (what else?) and sticks it into the G-spot, also known as the Gräfenberg Spot, making it swell to the size of a quarter.

Let’s back this crazy train up. What is the G-spot? The G-spot has been an elusive subject of controversy since her discovery in 1950 by German gynecologist Ernest Gräfenberg. Many sextologists since believe that there is a small area behind the pubic bone that is accessed through the anterior wall of the vagina. It is considered by most now to be a powerful erogenous zone. When stimulated, it leads to increased sexual arousal and very intense orgasms. Others may dispute this, but ask any woman who has found her G-spot and she will tell you of it’s magical powers!

To find the G-spot, take your index finger and curl it towards you as if you are telling someone to come closer. Now, make that motion when you insert the finger into the vagina. Feel that spongy tissue towards the top of your pubic bone? Ta-da! There she is! Lovers, feel free to help out, as it can be easier having someone else help explore! (And more fun, too!)

But, once again, science wants to take this beautiful little sponge-of-happy and turn it into something to be exploited. This shot is just another reminder to everyone out there living in the post-Viagra, post-porn world that sex should be crazy, every time amazing, mind-blowing and out of control good. Since we are mere mortals and can’t experience that naturally (or can we?) there is a new shot out there to get us there. Or, at least we are told. Don’t worry, it’s not that the pharmaceutical and medical industries are trying to make billions of dollars off our “sexual dysfunction”; it’s just that they really care.

The G-Shot was invented and trademarked in 2005 by Dr. David Matlock. Dr. Matlock is based in LA (where else?) and is a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon. What a perfect combination! He was only performing his G-Shot injections from his office on Sunset Boulevard until April of 2007, when he started packaging and shipping his kits to 35 associates around the country. The package includes a 30-minute instructional video, the FDA-approved collagen dosages and brochures contain this “revolutionary scientific breakthrough” information. It costs $1850 and is supposed to help women bring out their inner tigress.

Karen Roberts, a 22 year old student with a four-year old daughter, sat in a colleague of Dr. Matlock’s. His name is Dr. Justin Salerno, from Pennsylvania, but now works i the Bay Area. She was to be his first patient. She feels fatigued at the end of the day, hardly a mood for making love. Even when feeling amorous, achieving orgasm was proving to be too time-consuming, too much energy, and too difficult for her and her husband to deal with.

Let me just interject here. Um, Karen? You are 22. You haven’t even begun to enjoy the beauty that is your body and your sexuality. It sounds like you had a baby too young, and now you have hit a wall. Instead of injecting things into your vagina, why don’t you and your husband take that two grand and go away for a romantic weekend, sans baby? But, I digress...

She states: “If you have more orgasms, you’ll want more sex. And if you’re 22 and your sex drive is going down, then you better do something to bring it back up.”

Now, I am not trying to discredit Matlock’s invention. For example, Sand Gart, 56, a Southern California nurse, was one of his first G-Shot recipients. She got the shot to reinvigorate and reenergize her sex drive. She liked it so much, she has had 3 more injections. The collagen needs replaced every 4 months, as it is reabsorbed into the body. Matlock states that 60% of his patients return at least once more.

“Each procedure I’ve developed was based on the requests from women. I didn’t tell them what I wanted to do. I listened to what they wanted,” says Matlock.

So, how does the procedure really work? Roberts would have to assist her doctor. Since the G-Spot is sensitive, she would have to locate it, herself, and give Salerno instructions as to its secret location. Like a treasure map! Here’s the catch. According to Dr. Beverly Whipple, a sexuality scholar at Rutgers University and arguably the world’s most well-known G-spot expert, she believes that small area can’t be accessed unless the woman is in a state of arousal. When a woman gets excited, the tissue palpitates, like a heart beat, making it reachable.

Dr. Matlock disagrees, and explains that women merely need to be “in tune” with the area to direct the doctor.

Salerno numbed the area with a rub-on agent, then injected the collagen.

“By the time I could say ‘ouch’ it was done. It wasn’t even worth the ouch,” stated Roberts.

The question we are all wondering, though, is did it work? Three days after her appointment with Salerno, Roberts was happy to report that sex was great! She was able to climax within a few minutes, and without much exertion.

“Just like a man,” she gushed.

That last statement really frightened me. What worries me is that instead of embracing female sexuality, instead of enjoying sex like a woman, we are now trying to emulate sex like a man. Men can come so quickly, so easily, it seems to so many women, why can’t we? That mentality of sex, viewing it as a pissing contest of who can come harder, faster, longer, is only going to hurt and disrupt the beauty and nature of making love.

We have to stop thinking of sex like a porn movie. The cum shot is everything. The big build up and then the explosion! It’s easy to capture that very physical act of a man on film, but a woman’s orgasm is usually internal, intense, pulsating, private. It builds like a crescendo, increasingly more vibrant and colorful until the pinnacle moment where the music swells and envelopes, carrying her away to another place entirely. By trying to squelch that and ‘cum like a man’ we are removing everything that is so special and beautiful about the feminine in love making. I don’t think we can be packaged this way. Sex shouldn’t work this way. So clinical, so sterile, so without feeling or expression.

I am not trying to suggest that Matlock’s procedure isn’t important. I think it is very important. It shows how far we have come from where we used to be as a species. Can you imagine if we stripped it all away? No injections, no plastic surgery, no high-production value porn, no images of unattainable beauty. Just us. Just men, women, and the energy of the universe.

Can you imagine if we didn’t know we had cellulite, or love handles, or freckles or big noses? Can you imagine if we didn’t realize that our breasts should be big, but our waists should be small? Men, imagine if no one ever questioned the size or shape of your penis, if it really was what you could do with it, instead of how it looked? If going bald or going grey was a sign of enlightenment, not old age? If we all took time to step back from this unrealistic, celluloid world we have created for ourselves and started to think of our unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies as special, imagine what we could create. Imagine the symphony that would play then.



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    Mon, 17.05.10 at 11:39AM

    The best “augmentation” would be to tattoo a map of it on the girls stomach and some instructions (preferably with a glow-in-the-dark ink).

    An extra map on the back could also be helpful.


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    Mon, 17.05.10 at 05:09PM

    Hahaha, yes it really is buried treasure!

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    Tue, 25.05.10 at 08:51PM

    Maybe that explains why pirates are always searching for more booty. grin

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