Would You Get a Pre-Nup? (If you had a $100 Million?)

Yesterday, news broke that Jessica Simpson was going to marry her ex-NFL player boyfriend, Eric Johnson. Johnson recently divorced his wife of five years, and before that ink was dry on the paper, he put a ruby ring on Jessica’s finger. Well, today the gossip is that she isn’t going to sign a pre-nup. And, apparently, Papa Joe (who is also her manager and gets 10% of her fortune) is none too pleased.

Understandably so! Her daughter is worth an estimated $100 million dollars, and while Johnson has money of his own, I don’t think he is on the same level as his lovely bride-to-be. She is living in la-la land, however, and isn’t interested in signing a pre-nup. You would think she would have learned her lesson after divorcing Nick Lachey and giving him $10 million along with spousal support at $25,000 a month.

A source told Popeater, “At the moment, Joe is sitting back and being a great father, supporting his daughter and his future son-in-law. However, you can bet after all the excitement has died down, Joe is going to do everything in his power to make sure Jessica doesn’t walk down the aisle until Eric signs away any right he might have to Jessica’s enormous fortune.”

Jessica needs to get serious here. Marriage is not just about love. It is a merging of assets, as well. I would want to protect myself if I had some serious money to lose in the unfortunate (but plausible) case of a divorce. Yes, no one wants to think of divorce right after they get engaged and are floating on Cloud 9, but you have to be rational, as well. I hope they live a long and happy life together, but just in case they fall apart, there is no reason for her bank account to tank, as well.

Just sayin’!



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    Mon, 15.11.10 at 05:48PM

    If I ever have 100 million bucks it’s because I did something very illegal or I married Bill Gates, so I cannot even begin to think about prenups grin

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    Tue, 16.11.10 at 08:28AM

    Anya, you are too funny!

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    Wed, 17.11.10 at 05:09PM

    I don’t want to brag, but I have an extensive used book collection, a growing library of playstation titles, a houseplant named Larry and two (yes two) nice chairs. You better believe I would sign a pre-nup.

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