Hollywood’s Latest Odd Couple: Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn

Rebound or Real Thing?

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Scarlett, 26,  just go through a divorce from Ryan Reynolds? And, didn’t Sean Penn, 50,  just go through a nasty (and seemingly never-ending) break-up with Robin Wright Penn? And, now, Scarlett and Sean are together? Is this the weirdest Hollywood coupling to happen in a while or do these two crazy kids seem like a good match? Me thinks not.

Well, all aboard the crazy train because these two have made it official. Close your mouth, I don’t mean to suggest that they secretly eloped Britney-style. No, what I mean is they showed up together at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding, declaring to all the A-Listers around them that they are now the newest, hottest, albeit strangest, Hollywood couple.

Reese Witherspoon’s weekend nuptials were a star-studded event, and her new hubby, Jim Toth, happens to be Scarlett’s agent. (Just one of his big name clients.)

“Scarlett is Jim’s client, but no one, including the bride, knew that she would have turned up with Sean Penn. Turning up at a wedding with your boyfriend is definitely a huge statement, especially at that wedding. What it’s doing is announcing to the whole of Hollywood that they are serious.

These two lovebirds were first spotted together earlier in the year at a LA party celebrating the ‘Black Swan’. Then, the paparazzi snapped pictures of the two at a diner, where Scarlett’s legs were draped over his lap. In the beginning of March, they even flew to Mexico together for a romantic day trip.

“Scarlett is head over heals in love with Sean,” says a friend of the actress. “She normally tries to hide away from public attention, but when she’s with Sean, she doesn’t care.”

So, who wants to take bets as to how long this relationship will last before it starts to fizzle? Call me crazy, but I don’t know too many long lasting relationships come out of two people rebounding off of their recent divorces. Add to that the giant age difference (about 25 years) and this has “fling” written all over it.

Time will tell, of course, but let’s not be surprised if we read a joint statement in a few more months about how they just couldn’t make it work because of schedules and the age difference. I’m sure, in all of these Hollywood relationships, things will end amicably and they will remain the “best of friends”. 




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