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  • Support Local Business
    Health and Wellness

    Support Local Business

    In the heart of Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood is an increasingly chain-store oriented shopping district on Walnut Street.  But there are still a few Mom and Pop stores, like Schiller's Pharmacy and Cosmetique.

  • Is Your Ego Killing You?
    Bobby's World

    Is Your Ego Killing You?

    While some of the components of narcissism can be healthy, the fragile views narcissists have of themselves can actually lead to increased stress levels, defensive actions and aggression.

  • Confessions of a Groupon Lover
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    Confessions of a Groupon Lover

    Twisted though my relationship with online daily deals may be, I feel like they can't be all that bad, as long as I keep my wits about me and exercise a bit of something we all struggle with in our culture: self control.

  • Soup Du Jour
    Recipes for Love

    Soup Du Jour

    Sometimes, a heavy meal can make may sound nice in theory, but in actuality, “comfort food” doesn’t have to leave you feeling overstuffed. Instead, why not try a delicious, nutritious, satisfying soup?

  • Valentine’s Day: Can’t Wait or Can’t Wait For It To Be Over?
    In Love

    Valentine’s Day: Can’t Wait or Can’t Wait For It To Be Over?

    In any event, if you are single, newly dating, fresh from a breakup, or in a serious relationship, Valentine’s Day can be an enjoyable experience if you decide to make it that.

  • Rediscover Childlike Courage
    twodaymag's Relationship Contributor: Anya Alvarez

    Rediscover Childlike Courage

    Now, almost ten years later, I have a difficult time sharing myself because I don’t have the same little girl courage. I don’t posses the naivety that allowed me to be courageous.

  • Weight Watchers
    twodaymag's Lifestyle Contributor: Kristen Houghton

    Weight Watchers

    What one person will love and declare the greatest new diet lifestyle of all time may be seriously lacking for someone else on the diet bandwagon.  I found this to be true when I began doing research last year for my series of articles on dieting in America.

  • The Art of Self-Control
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    The Art of Self-Control

    What keeps me from buying this lamp that I lust over?  And what keeps me from going in to these antiques stores that are right in my backyard?

  • Enough With the Fat Jokes
    Bobby's World

    Enough With the Fat Jokes

    Society continues its relentless attack on people who don’t fit some magazine cover photo shoot of rock-hard abs, sexy abs and protein shakes.

  • The Importance of Perserverance
    Wellness Contributor: Sally Turkovich

    The Importance of Perserverance

    It took some pushing from my family and some prodding from my husband, but they taught me that perserverance is the key to moving forward in any endeavor.